Nashville is the New L.A.?

I don’t know who started that horrible comparison, and who took it a step further and made T-shirts of it. Nashville will never be L.A., and thank God for it. However, that’s besides the point. Strangely enough, this article from Refinery 29 actually popped up right before I was to type this which was a serious help considering I’m without a camera.

The newest addition to the burgeoning Billy Reid empire opened in Nashville in late November. I was able to stop in after they opened considering it’s actually across the street from one of the stores I work in from time to time, and must say it’s spectacular. Some of the displays actually being salvaged from a pharmacy from many decades ago (sorry, can’t remember the exact year that she said). Vernacular photos, victorian furniture, bourbon bottles, taxidermy, literature, and plants adorn the walls and displays of the store. The plants/leaves actually collected in the park shortly before opening. Another nice addition is the resident daschund roaming the store.

Anyhow, onto the actual garments. The men’s section takes up a great deal of the store, littered with Italian leather wingtips, boots, and bags. Shirts, jackets, shawl sweaters, denim, slacks, and pea coats alike all give the shopper a serious watering in their mouth. I know I roamed in circles for far too long, enough for my check book to feel the strain of 10 or more things I was eyeing. One great part about Billy Reid is the price and craftsmenship that is put into every piece. It’s easy to see they take great pride in their product. Besides the aura given by the interior and the clothing, bags, and shoes; the knowledgable and hospitipal staff made it the shopping experience everyone looks for. Hopefully, this is a sign of good things to come for the city and maybe the good parts of a comparison with L.A…without all the frosted hair, gaudy t-shirts, and flip-flops.

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6 Responses to Nashville is the New L.A.?

  1. Memphis88 says:

    I wish I’d known about this last weekend. I was up there and would loved to have taken a look around the store and maybe even picked something up.

  2. Jon Patrick says:

    I prefer “trousers” over “slacks”. The word slacks has always sounded creepy and cheap, IMHO.


    • drinkinanddronin says:

      i personally think of trousers and slacks as two different types of pants depending on the cut and fabric, maybe that’s weird or wrong. i could see how slacks could sound creepy though.

  3. Jon Patrick says:

    regardless, your blog is great, friend.


  4. Do you live in Nashville? I grew up there.
    I like this blog.
    I do secret forts.
    Check it out if you like…

    keep up the good work.

    best regards,
    james of secret forts

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