Visvim & Supreme Make Groundwork

Ever since I can remember growing up as a kid, my father always had a pair of old worn-in boots with red laces. I don’t know if they came with those laces, or if that’s just what he preferred. I’m not so sure I like all the blue on the boots shown, and I’m not sure I could pull it off but I have a feeling some could. Anyhow, to this day…that image sticks with me, and I think that’s why I am so into the new Visvim and Supreme collaboration.

Each brand is hit or miss regarding my liking for what they do, but they seem to nailed it on the head with their hats, coats, and boots. The gore-tex barn jackets are nice as well. Overrall a good mix from both brands. It should turn quite a few heads. Many thanks to High Snobiety.

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One Response to Visvim & Supreme Make Groundwork

  1. shaunna says:

    i have a similar image of my mom rocking leather kastinger boots with red laces and jean overalls, long black hair to her waist– i have to find that photo. and i want to get my hands on those vintage boots…

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