Chan Marshall’s Covers History

Very rarely can anyone redo a classic song and do it justice, much less do it well. Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, has shown over the past few years that she is the goto for an old song done well again. With her covers record from 2000, she showed her prowess. This year, she tops it with Jukebox, a new covers record. Wait, wait…she doesn’t stop there! Dark End Of The Street, her newest EP, came out a few weeks ago covering CCR, The Pogues, and Otis Redding to name a few. If you haven’t had the pleasure to check these out, head over to her website to get a nice sampling. Besides her incredible covers, her own written songs have blown me away for years so don’t neglect that either.

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2 Responses to Chan Marshall’s Covers History

  1. JP says:

    Chan is amazing.

    I always enjoy your blog, you’re an inspiration. I started my own yesterday and I am hooked. I always wanted to, and with the new year, I thought now is the time.

    Have a great 2009.


  2. drinkinanddronin says:

    Thanks very much! I started mine on a whim because I needed a new hobby that didn’t involve money or alcohol, and I’m so glad I did…I’ve met loads of incredible people and have been turned onto new and exciting things.

    Have a great year, and success with your blog!

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