How To Enjoy Ties

This is a feature collaboration piece done by Honeyee x Band Of Outsiders x Beauty & Youth. The slideshow features Band of Outsiders, Engineered Garments, Supreme, and many others. It’s done in a very tasteful manner, but with a more modern approach. Some good ideas to take home in these pictures.

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3 Responses to How To Enjoy Ties

  1. JP says:

    Funky, good piece.


  2. gunner6ixx says:

    I checked the ad out a while back, this is a really intuitive collaboration. Tartan has returned with a vengeance,…as have bow ties…as has haberdashery. So, ultimately I think the looks are useful for fellas who are ready to bring back men’s fashion.

    – gunner of urbantakeout

  3. James says:

    Good Look. Smart, innovative, yet classic. I lilke it!

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