Mono is one of those artists that when you first discover them, you feel like you found something special which no one else could understand. Built of beautiful soundscapes and moving buildups. Over the past couple of years they have released album after album full of insanely gorgeous numbers; without a doubt…they put to shame any band described as post-rock, instrumental, or whatever other genre you can think of.

With that said, check out the video from their DVD below and make sure to pick up one or all of their albums. You certainly will not be disappointed. As far New York residents, mark May 8th on your calendar. Mono will only perfrom one North American concert for their new album and it is in New York City with a 23 piece orchestra backing them. Epic eh?

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One Response to Mono

  1. M.Lane says:

    They are GREAT. Thanks for introducing me to MONO, I am getting some of their work.

    I really enjoy your blog.


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