RRL Melrose

The RRL pop up store opened on Melrose sometime around Halloween, and the internet community never really got a peek inside the store until now! Thanks to Kitsune Noir snapping some illegal photographs (strange how it’s not allowed?). Take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself. I was kind of expecting more, but it definitely presents a nice, cluttered surplus look…the way it should be.

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4 Responses to RRL Melrose

  1. Marcellus says:

    Saw this a couple of days ago, too. 1950’s American Cowboy isn’t really my cup of tea, but being in retail branding I thoroughly enjoy seeing the level of commitment Ralph Lauren makes in achieving an aesthetic. All the criticism is correct, and I understand it–that he is disingenuously doing so, that he is stealing an aesthetic–but, he does it so well.

    In a way, there are three levels of this sort of commitment: one that is genuine (Freemans), one that appears genuine (RRL), and one where everything is just slightly, oh…off (Gant’s Rugger line). While I do admire Freemans’ “genuine” store experience, the ability for a brand to capture a diverse array of lifestyles really intrigues me (WASP, cowboy, collegiate, etc.).

    Also, good call on the Lebowski clip yesterday. Lebowski Fests actually started in my hometown (brag).


  2. JP says:


    We’re on the same page.



  3. drinkinanddronin says:

    I definitely agree. Ralph Lauren has for the most part always been spot on with his replications of garments and styles from so many walks of life. It’s quite impressive.

    I’ve always been a pretty big fan of Freeman’s. Overall, you can see the guys who run it are having fun and doing what they want to do. Besides, they turn out some quality gear too.

    You should definitely brag about having a Lewboski Fest in your hometown! I’m brooding with jealousy as I type this.

    Quality blog as well, I’ve been catching up on some of your older posts. Very much looking forward to more!

  4. anon says:

    I love Ralph Lauren and The RRL but this store is really trying to cash in on being next to Fred Segal on Melrose. and the funny thing is that RRL has great stuff but their prices are ridiculously overpriced.

    Melrose is full of vintage stores, charging 5-10 times the amount for something when you can get it anywhere is very last year, esp. nowadays when money is tight for most….

    Perfect example a simple ski hat, no label or logo on it, basically a blue $.99 cent knit hat, for $180 ?

    Sorry, time to face reality and lower dem prices……..

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