Family Black Tie Affair

With all the talk of Black Tie do’s, don’ts, and all between, I figured I’d feature a photo of my Grandfather and Grandmother in their best. I don’t know the exact date and function, but it doesn’t look like life sucks based on this picture alone. I will be adding more of my father’s photo albums full of their family outings, holidays, partys, and my personal favorite…the trips to Cuba and other destinations.

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3 Responses to Family Black Tie Affair

  1. porter says:

    What a great lookin’ couple. The photo seems to have a great story behind it too. Can’t wait to see more of the family photos.

  2. Porter is right, this is a great photo, and a lovely couple. What was the occasion? They were mixing something with 7up and looked to be having a sparkling evening. The trips to Cuba sound historic, given the impossibility of such trips for many years.

  3. drinkinanddronin says:

    I need to do some research on it through family members. I’ve honestly never seen it until we went through a lot of their things over the past couple of weeks.

    I think it’s maybe a bottle of Seagram’s for a 7 and 7, but I may be wrong.

    I’m really looking forward to adding the photos from Cuba. Growing up, I’d always pour over them everytime I had the chance.

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