Beach Clowns

The fact that the new goto for Spring lines was loosely started by bands such as Bauhaus and then The Beach Boys puts a smile on my face. Beyond stripes and color palettes being a major part of the style, it’s much more of an art form. Below is a short run down from Ready For The House, thanks also to South Willard for some key pieces of art derived from the style.

Beach Clown is the new style silently taking over this season, with labels like Band Of Outsiders & Dries Van Noten offering striped cotton shirts in sophisticated palettes. Whilst using the term ‘Beach Clown’ to specifically define a fashion style is a relatively new thing (*credit to Ms K.Breslin of Los Angeles here) its roots shoot back deep into the collective creative consciousness. Trying however to designate the original ‘Beach Clown’ can get as gratuitous as crowning an individual for producing the first striped painting. All we know is this; that the Bauhaus were big players and early promoters of the Beach Clown aesthetic, and that by the time the movement reached the states it had been reconstituted into a somewhat softer more malleable ‘lifestyle’ movement. Whilst Brian Wilson’s brothers denied his emphatic calls to name the band ‘The Beach Clowns’, for fear of being too closely associated with the style (viewed by many as European vice) they agreed to adopt the candy striped button down shirts as their signature look, and in doing so inadvertenty gave the Beach Clown movement its most enduring endorsement.

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