L.L. Bean – 1941

L.L. Bean is one of the last surviving American companies that at least, for the most part, still hold true to the genuine craftsmenship as they did decades ago. Save a few different manufacturing quirks, it’s still the great product that you see in these photographs.

I’ve seen the man above a couple of times through articles and blogs displaying old time hunting garb (the model to the left seems a bit more realistic than the completely plaid decked one to the right), but I never saw the cigarette pocket in the jacket above. Genious! Like Heavy Tweed Jacket stated, these days it’s called a cell phone pocket. Who gets reception when hunting anyway? Might as well throw your Lucky Strike’s in there, they’ll serve you better anyhow. At least lung cancer is later down the road than a brain tumor!

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2 Responses to L.L. Bean – 1941

  1. JP says:

    worryin’ bout lung cancer is fer sissy boys.

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