The Key Word For Spring is RELAXATION

The new Spring looks are definitely well out of the closet from looks ranging from A.P.C., Band Of Outsiders, and many more. A few looks that are definitely working their way up starts out with varsity jackets (ahem), worn-in denim, and double breasted suits….I’ll touch on each. Refinery 29 ran a fantastic article to give people an early heads up about what’s around the corner. I saw the new A.P.C. line, but failed to realize the model below was actually wearing a Varsity jacket until recently. I think it’s a great look on a casual day at the park or for simple errand.

Not distressed, not ragged, and not slim, but more of the worn-in, relaxed selvedge denim that you wear around the house is what’s looking up. The kind that you took 6-12 months to perfect. Then you probably bought a new pair of New Standards and started the process over again. Well, this Spring is the time to break them out and leave them on. A.P.C. even pre-wears them for you if you don’t have 6-12 months until Spring arrives.

One look that seems to be gaining popularity again is the double breasted suit and a much baggier fit than we’re all used to seeing. Unless it’s on a coat, I personally don’t think it looks too great. It takes the certain kind of person and attitude to pull it off. I could see Mickey Rourke wearing it far before most guys on the street is all I am saying.

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2 Responses to The Key Word For Spring is RELAXATION

  1. I’m not a fan of double breasted. And I was just getting used to a skinnier fit. Maybe it’s because I just lost a bunch of weight and have been enjoying showing it off.

    Either way, I figure any trend in suit fitting will be layed to waste once Mad Men season 3 debuts.

  2. drinkinanddronin says:

    I agree, a well fit suit will never go out of style. Mad Men will definitely put any baggy trend to shame.

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