Daniel Plainview’s Wardrobe

There’s far too many great scenes from There Will Be Blood to narrow down, but the scene directly after one of the men falls into the well contains one of the best outfits of the entire film. A grey shawl collar blazer that unfortunately isn’t reproduced enough. The only thing I have seen that comes close is a Navy blue shawl collar blazer at the University Place Ralph Lauren Rugby store…on Sale.

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2 Responses to Daniel Plainview’s Wardrobe

  1. Foster says:

    I watched this movie two nights ago and thought about how cool his outfit was, i was seriously considering doing a post ahah.

  2. You hit the nail on the head with this one, sir. Daniel Plainview’s wardrobe is certainly one most men should be jealous of, especially by today’s standards. I’m also really into how his tie was tucked into his shirt for most of the film, as was common for many working in the ‘fields’ or factories during that era.

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