Levi’s Vintage Line

Over the years, the classic 501 has been the goto for myself as much as many others. Recently, the Levi’s Vintage line has been looking appealing. Especially the Blue Rigid XX shown above, I don’t know how well the one back pocket would look but it would be interesting to throw in every now and again. One interesting part of the Blue Rigid XX pair is that their made out of a 9 oz raw denim along with the leather patch, but without the two horses because these pair were commissioned in 1873, but the two horses weren’t put on the leather patch until 1886.

Besides the Blue Rigid XX pair, the rest of the Vintage line has a lot of great looking denim. The only part that some would have to get used to is that they’re cut a little bit bigger than most straight leg 501’s as you go back in time. The 1937, 1947, and 1933 era pairs look the best in my opinion. To check out the rest, head over to Oki-Ni.

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One Response to Levi’s Vintage Line

  1. JP says:

    Fuller jeans are back in, for those who care. I say, wear what looks and feels best and forget what the fashion-mavens tell you to do.

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