Spring Must-Haves

One great thing about spring and fall seasons are how vastly different they are in every way. Of course we know they’re different aesthetically, but in pure terms of simplicity v.s. variations when comparing the spring to the fall. The spring season really only has a few key items with very few changes. Whereas with fall and its many different colors, patterns, and layers…there’s much to experiment with. I guess what I’m getting at, I’m looking forward to a bit of a simpler time for a couple of months to accompany the warm weather, drinks, and bodies of water.

First and foremost on the Spring Must-Haves is the woven Oxford shirt. I can’t think of anything more comfortable and pristine looking than a fresh, crisp shirt. This season espicially, the solid colored and striped shirts instead of patterns. Club collars are much needed too, Black Fleece has some really nice ones by the way. The goto’s, for myself at least, include Brooks Brothers with honorable mentions to Steven Alan, A.P.C. and J.Crew.

For the beginning of Spring when it can still get a bit chilly, an easy lightweight, athletic crewneck, shawl collar, or cardigan can do the trick perfectly. There’s a lot of different options with this brand wise so I would just stick to the basics, but Uniqlo, Rugby Ralph Lauren, and St. James are my favorite at the moment.

Moving south, really only 4 items come to mind for the legs. A pair of worn in, straight leg jeans rounded out by a pair of fitted, grey light-wool trousers, khaki trousers, and khaki shorts (please no cargo pockets). For more variation and comfort, a pair of seersucker or linen pants and shorts sounds good. A.P.C. and Ralph Lauren would be my best bet. Bill’s Khaki’s that’s recently been hot on everyone’s list is a nice change as well.

Finally for the feet, I hope to see no sandals or flip flops. God save us from the millions embarassing their feet with them in the next 6 months. Canvas sneakers, a pair of brown wingtips, and you guessed it…some blucher mocs or deck shoes to finish. Alden, Sperry, Vans, Ralph Lauren, and L.L. Bean seem on point all the time but espicially in the Spring.


For those more so on the business side than the yacht side, most know what is best for spring so I’ll leave it be. Unless you’re going for Brooks Brothers linen and seersucker, suits by Ralph Lauren, Freeman’s Sporting Club, Hickey, and Gant are top of my list at the moment.

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