Spring Drinks

Drinking just like fashion has it’s different go-to’s depending on the weather, functionality, and mood of the day. In the cooler climates; darker, heavier beers are of course what make the rounds. Come warmer weather lighter, fruitier mixed drinks come to the forefront.

There are three drinks that weigh heavily in my mind for the Spring and Summer for cookouts, baseball games, and a lazy day at the cafe. As always, I would love any suggestions or variation. Thanks to Bon Appetit for the incredible picture above.

Cider – Cider has always been a staple of my drink diet whether stand alone or mixed in a Snakebite cocktail such as the Poor Man’s Black Velvet with Guinness.

1. Strongbow, Woodchuck Cider, K

Lager Shandy – Like most beer cocktails, there are a lot of variations depending on what you prefer and what part of the world you are in. Below are just a couple to try out to find the one that really sticks out for your preferences. 

1. Ginger beer such as Barrits (the less bitter the better) mixed with lemonade.

2. S. Pellegrino (or any other sparkling lemon) mixed with a pale ale such as Paulaner, Sierra Nevada, or Peroni.

3. In places like Germany I have heard of a darker mix of cola and a stout or sometimes even a porter.

Dark N Stormy – Here’s the classic warm weather cocktail consisting of a dark rum and ginger beer with a lime over it. 

1. The ginger beer of choice is normally Barritts due to not being too bitter. Rum choices normally just stick to Gosling’s. Mixed and pour over ice with a slice of lime and you’re ready to go.

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7 Responses to Spring Drinks

  1. Foster says:

    I have been dabbling with dark and stormys myself recently. WTF

  2. martylane says:

    The German Shandy is called a “Radler”, and is meant as a lighter beer for those traveling by bicycle. The dark version is known as “Geiss”, and is one park dark lager, one part cola, and a shot of brandy.

  3. stephanie says:

    I remember working in a bar in Sponsheim Germany and lots of people bought Chuss, Pepsi and a pilsner urquell on tap. I never tried it the idea was revolting. Maybe I would try it now….

  4. stephanie says:

    I’m reving up my Cuban pig microwave to cook a pig for a barn raising party. It is charcoal powered. hopefully we can have one of these drinks. do you have suggestions for 50 degrees and raining barn raisings, maybe a hot drink???/

  5. drinkinanddronin says:

    Wow, thanks very much for the German equivalents. I will have to try those some day soon. I think Chuss is what I have always thought of as the German version, I will definitely try the the Radler and Geiss.


    Stephanie…I need to come about one of these Cuban pig microwaves. When living in south florida…Puerto Rican and Cuban was pretty much all i ate. Your mention just revived my desires.

    As far as a hot drink for a cold day. You may want to try a Hot Toddy which is quite simple actually.

    1. Take a hot beverage of your choice whether it be cider, coffee, tea, etc
    2. Add whiskey, rum, or brandy (for a sweeter result brandy and rum always go really well)
    3. add honey, sugar, or syrup to sweeten it up
    4. and to add any additional spices…some people add cloves or cinnamon.

  6. andy says:

    I am a huge fan of the dark and stormy, as well as the standard gin and tonic. This winter though has been all about the manhatten and the negroni….mmmm

  7. Lex says:

    I just get my mixed drink recipes online now.Lexhttp://www.populardrinkrecipes.com

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