Black Dollars

Black Dollars is a newer brand brought to my attention. So far I like what they have over at Good Hood. It reminds me a lot of Supreme, a bit more ‘streetwear’ (if you can handle that term) but on a much more mature level than most you would see at Magic in Vegas. Mostly with tees that deal with 80’s hardcore bands such as Bad Brains and Black Flag as well as other cultural icons, and topped off by some nice button ups.

These plaid shirts are another staple that seem to be recurring with them which we all know is big right now. The only difference with these is that the colors are so out there but yet go together so well at the same time, and the one featured above is actually a double sided shirt. The inside being gingham, which you can faintly see if looked at closely, and the outside being a collaboration of colors near a Madras almost (actually reminds me of some cartoon from when I was younger, don’t ask because I don’t know why…I just like it better that way).

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One Response to Black Dollars

  1. plaidout says:

    The double facing looks really nice in the detailed photo on their site. Brandon, great find! Keep killing it.

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