Lee Denim

When thinking of American heritage companies such as Lee, Wrangler, and Levi’s, there’s the incredible selvedge lines and the run of the mill lines. This group of items from Lee are featured on Oki-Ni, and makes me wish Lee would do a bit more of this than what is normally seen. 

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5 Responses to Lee Denim

  1. james fox says:

    amen brother… great to see lee getting some love. now wrangler needs to get their act together as well… you cant even buy lee jackets on their US site. poor show.

  2. drinkinanddronin says:

    Very true, it’s sad I have to goto British lengths to get American company’s items.

    Oi Polloi has some nice Wrangler items, but it’s very few.

  3. Axel says:

    I have to laugh at the denim fanciers who say, as this japannese website does, not to wash the jeans for the first 4-6 months to allow some sort of patina to develop. Can you imagine how bad those jeans would smell?

  4. plaidout says:

    In ’04, I bought a couple great pair of Lee jeans, the “Denver,” if my memory serves me correctly. I found the first in a bargain bin in Galway, Ireland, and the second came in as a special request from a kindly Spanish friend. When I’d call the KS-based company to ask about the whereabouts of that cut, the woman laughed. “We haven’t made those for the American market in YEARS,” she said. Her “years” carried for about five seconds. Felt like… years.

  5. drinkinanddronin says:

    See…that’s what I’m talking about. Absolutely appalling. However, great find! Always the best feeling when you come upon a treasure like that.

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