F.M. Allen

F.M. Allen is more of a diamond in the rough than any other description I could give. I had run by the brand here and there over the past year, but never dove deep into their garments and vintage items for sale until recently. With locations like London, New York, and Nairobi…it’s a fine collection of British Dandy, American Trad, and African Expedition. I can’t really think of a brand that could throw all those together and do a pretty damn well job at it. Shown are some of my favorite items, but head to the home site for not only incredible clothing, but brilliant vintage objects.

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6 Responses to F.M. Allen

  1. JP says:

    Better yet, stop by the killer little store on Madison Ave and see some of these goodies in the flesh. Love that place.

  2. drinkinanddronin says:

    I’ve been meaning to for sure. A good friend of mine mentioned a guy he worked with is there now, and ever since I keep kicking myself that I haven’t been yet. Definitely planning on making a stop soon.

  3. mordechai says:

    I hear their theyve hired a new designer (from brooks brothers) great shop.. clothes not so sure about.. maybe the new talent will prove differently, love the bow tie!!!

  4. Isaac Buie says:

    Incredible. I didn’t know such a brand existed. The only thing that could compare it to would be old old school Abercrombie and Fitch, back when Hemigway wore it, back when the used to be REAL outfitters. The pictured hook belt is too cool.

  5. drinkinanddronin says:

    Looking forward to seeing what the new designer comes around with, has to be at least a bit nice considering his Brooks background.

    Old school A&F for sure, it’s sad to see such a great institution turn into such a sad ploy for money. I bet they’re kicking themselves now that they’re not the best of the best as far as teeny bopper high school clothes go, and their mainstay for so many decades is what really kept them relevant.

  6. james fox says:

    farriers hook belt nails it.

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