J.Crew F/W 2009

Mister Mort, as always, is on top of his game with his newest venture to check out the newest Fall/Winter selection for 2009 by J.Crew. The past two years, it’s evident that J.Crew has stepped up to the plate and completely awed everyone with their own garments as well as collaborations with the legendary likes of Red Wing, Mister Freedom, Timex, Sperry, and now introducing Russell Moccasin Company, Alden, and my personal favorite…Inverallan!

The Inverallan Fisherman shawl collar sweater is immaculate. Fisherman sweaters, especially of late, have had a huge resurgence and Inverallan kills it with the add on shawl degree in the piece. Overall, I’m very wowed with what they’re continuing on with. Still impressing me to the point where I figured it could not go much further. J.Crew knows how to survive hard times, and that’s what is called a long lasting, well-made, and relevant look on how we view our garments. One I haven’t seen in the “Fashion” world in awhile.

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4 Responses to J.Crew F/W 2009

  1. Memphis88 says:

    Now, if they could just expand the Men’s section of their catalogue. I swear it’s like 10 pages to the women’s 80 and seems like it’s the same stuff every month. Meanwhile, they’re coming up with genius stuff like this.

  2. erik says:

    Check out SNS herning, danish fishing sweaters… They put these to shame///

  3. drinkinanddronin says:

    I agree with their catalogue, and it’s kind of the same story with a lot of Ralph Lauren lines as well. As with RL, J.Crew appeals to two sets of buyers in one being the catalogue shoppers that need the basic of the basic, and the shoppers who scour for more authentic and long lasting garments from lesser known names. I think most brands these days need those two variations in those who partake in their lines.

    I do agree that SNS Herning as well as other outstanding productions from the likes of St. James are incredible pieces, but it doesn’t mean that nothing else out there can measure up.

  4. Memphis88 says:

    What’s worse is that my local J. Crew is like the B&M version of the catalogue.

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