Hank Williams

It’s funny when I tell people I’m from Nashville, because of course it conjures images of grits, Walmart, Chevy pick-up trucks, and Nascar. While there is all of that, there’s a lot more to the great city. Over the years I have come to be proud of where I am from and appreciate the heritage that comes with the south.

One of the best things about the city, no doubt, is of those is certainly music, and while the popular country radio over the last couple of decades has unfortunately erased or at least clouded the traditional country, rockabilly, and bluegrass of the region; you can still find it lurking around honky tonks such as Robert’s, Tootsie’s, and so many others.

The man, the legend, Hank Williams is in many people’s minds the king of traditional country, hands down. I am one of those people. Having hit song after hit song through his short career, it’s easy to see how incredibly gifted he was. Since then, the man has very rarely been surpassed in song writing, performances, or recording.

Unfortunately, he only made it to the age of 29. Passing in a Cadillac from a drug overdose, the world lost one of it’s most talented. I could go on and on about Hank, but I’ll leave it to you to track down the best in traditional country.

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5 Responses to Hank Williams

  1. M.Lane says:

    Absolutely true. My son says that HW and Johnny Cash are part of a “skinny but deep” vein of indiginous American music.

    I’ve been up in Bayou country all week and “On the Bayou” has been foremost in my mind. Still is. Had a few FINE crawfish pies in his honor.


  2. Cyclo2000 says:

    Ain’t no-one cool as Hank.
    Without Hank there’s no Elvis, no beatles, no modern music really. He’s the wellspring.

  3. drinkinanddronin says:

    On the Bayou is a fabulous song, makes me wish I was traveling every time I hear it. Bayou country cuisine is even better!

  4. Kevin says:

    I wore out a Hank Williams cassette in high school driving around in my 1970 F100 and drinking way too much for a youngster. To this day I have a hard time listening to his music without wanting to drink myself into a stupor and wander off somewhere.

    A little trivia related to Hank Williams and Johnny Horton from my city, Austin. Both had tragic deaths after playing their last show at the Skyline Club in what is now North Austin and near where I grew up. Both widowed the same woman as well.

  5. Even if country/rockabilly/bluegrass isn’t your cup of tea, a Saturday night hopping on Broadway in Nashville is definitely worth it. Don’t drink so much you won’t remember it, because the music and scene in those honky tonks are memorable.

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