Bob Dylan – Together Through Life

 What’s more American than Bob Dylan? I can’t think of much more nostalgic than this man. Some of my favorite times in life had Bob Dylan playing in the background. Turning out 33 solo albums over his career, he’s singlehandedly shaped the landscape for classic American songwriting. That continues still today with his new album Together Through Life. The new song below “I Feel A Change Comin’ On” is seriously a killer. Rates right up there with the same songs he did over 30 years ago. A great harmonica and slow build up on top of his gravel voice and inspirational lyrics. Thanks to Jake Davis for the heads up on the new track.

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One Response to Bob Dylan – Together Through Life

  1. James Redhouse says:

    It’s because Bob was born and grew up in Minnesota
    (not New York) that he’s quintessentially American.

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