Hemingway & Pilar

In New York, Spring is finally showing itself with Saturday being in the 80’s. More and more, I’m looking forward to days in the sun which reminded me of books and photos of Ernest Hemingway doing it with ease. Here’s a collection of pictures of the man aboard his first boat, Pilar.

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4 Responses to Hemingway & Pilar

  1. Foster says:

    great photos. those pictures make we want to go catch an 18 foot marlin!

  2. Red says:

    There’s currently a drive to request permission of the Federal Government to allow a restoration of ‘Pilar’ where she now resides, at te Finca Vigia outside Havanna, Cuba. I wonder how the new Obama initiative to open travel to Cuba will effect her restoration?

    Here’s a link for the organization trying to preserve the ‘Pilar’:


  3. Bill says:

    Actually the Pilar has been restored by the Cuban government and its storage space needs repair. Fortunately it was another battle George W and his boys lost. Check out http://www.fincafoundation.org for current news on Hemingway and Cuba.

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