Vintage Neckwear

I have a moderate amount of ties, nowhere near the amount I’d like to have or should have. While I have a decent amount, I normally have a few go-to’s as I’m sure a lot of men do. It just happens to turn out that it’s the same 4 ties that were handed down to me from my grandfather. I’ve received almost daily comments and complements about them as well. Finding the right tie these days isn’t hard by any means, but a vintage tie is tried and true and often extremely cheap if not free.

 I don’t know much about the history of these ties besides the tags that two of them have, the dark olive tie (notice the suggestion of what colors to wear with it!) being Wembley which seems to have a rich history in neckwear from what I’ve gathered. The other being a Frank Brothers tie from Fenn & Feinstein at their New Haven store. Fenn & Feinstein were custom tailors that also had a New York store as well as the New Haven spot. If anyone knows more history about either, I’d love to hear more. Make sure to check out The Retro Press, full of decades old advertising. This “stuff” never gets old.

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3 Responses to Vintage Neckwear

  1. Isaac Buie says:

    My favorite vintage ties are any Robert Talbott. He used to make them for a variety of department stores like Auerbachs in Salt Lake, and Nordstrom. Ferrell Reed vintage pieces are choice as well. Great Post.

  2. These are very cool. Wembley is still around today and it’s part of Randa. They also own the Countess Mara and I think the Rooster archive. Don’t know too much about Frank Brothers, but some of the big names you may come across are Sherman, Countess Mara, Wembley, & Superba (also still around and hold a massive percentage of the neckwear business. They own Arrow ties, also a brand with a rich history.)

    What’s great about these is the french pocket fold tips and the ground textures. My Fall collection is inspired by ties like this.


  3. drinkinanddronin says:

    Very cool, thanks very much for the information on all above. I remember Arrow ties, and I’ll have to keep a look out for more of these through his collection and many others.

    I’m loving your blog, and looking forward to more travel pictures!

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