LIFE: Married To The Needle

I love these simple photos. They’re not the more stylish of the LIFE archive, but they display the type of work that existed at that time and the ones who wore it. While I wouldn’t wear tiny skivvies or sit in that pose, especially combined, I can appreciate this sailor’s art work and attitude. Sailor Jerry and so many port tattooers that were professionals with the pacific naval fleet clientele are timeless and it shows here. He’s obviously loving life and doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks.

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2 Responses to LIFE: Married To The Needle

  1. nick says:

    Great post. This is my type of tattooing. Just watched the Jerry film a few weeks ago, and really enjoyed the images.

  2. drinkinanddronin says:

    What’s up Nick! Totally agree on this type of tattooing. I haven’t seen the Jerry film, what’s it called?

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