Mel Gambert

Finding the right shirt is just as painful, wonderful, and time consuming as finding the right suit. It seems like it takes too long, costs too much until it’s just right, and that’s when it makes all the difference.

Mel Gambert, infamous for the detachable collar and dressing Mr. Gekko from the wildly influential film, Wallstreet, is still making men feel that way when they leave his headquarters. Mel Gambert was founded near the end of the roaring 20’s in a much more booze soaked, flapper dancing 1928. Being from 1928, Mel Gambert is America’s oldest and still family owned ranging across three generations of fine tailoring. Surviving the depression and decades of fashion spent up and down from trend to functionality, it’s an amazing feat to see the company still blossoming.

I’ve always been extremely drawn to the collarless shirt, and much more…one that can be changed from pin point, spread, or damn near anything else you can throw on it. I’m very much looking forward to taking the Gambert way of the shirt, and ordering one myself. In the end, for over 75 years they’ve been churning out some of the best…why stop?

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One Response to Mel Gambert

  1. M.Lane says:

    What a great store. I hope to visit the next time I am in town.


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