Lee – Storm Rider

I’ve been looking for a denim jacket, and it’s just one of those things that I go through as I’m sure most do when something gets in their head all the sudden that they just must have. This Lee Storm Rider jacket from the 70’s is right up that alley, it’s not too light nor dark. The stitching is beautiful as well. However, the one thing that I like a lot about this one is the contrast collar. Reminds me of most tin cloth or barn coats which are things I can never get enough of. I now wish most denim jackets like this had a collar similar to what this one houses…I’d probably own a lot more jean jackets.

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One Response to Lee – Storm Rider

  1. james fox says:

    excellent choice. the storm rider is a forgotten classic in my book. i do like the darker ones i have to admit. embroidered label is nice rather than printed and i believe another age mark is the direction of the blanket striping, damned if i can find a definitive guide to them. you can get beaten up ones on ebay for dollars… everyone (so far) trains their guns on big E’s pretty much.

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