Billy Kirk

I’ve been following Billy Kirk for the past year or so, and have loved the leather goods they put out with utmost care and craftsmanship. The other night I had the pleasure of finally meeting the two brothers, Chris and Kirk. Funnily enough, their cousin teaches at the college I attended in Tennessee. If the term ‘small world’ has ever been more true, it’s the relationships I’ve bonded with since moving to NY.

Onto the Bray brother’s gorgeous goods, and a follow up to the Spring bags post I did a little while ago. I included the Klein Tools bag which had quite a hefty response of the same story of the canvas being far too light and it overall, being too small. Above is your answer, the larger 18oz equivalent to most tool bags of the day. I have to say that the olive green shoulder strap is a major plus for me as it’s one of my favorite colors on absolutely anything. Below is one of the new belts, and as with the bag…the genious design and quality is beyond words. Enough with all of my ranting…head over to Billy Kirk and support a real, American institution of genuine products and overall message.

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8 Responses to Billy Kirk

  1. Memphis88 says:

    I put in an order for that exact bag, but had to cancel it. I really wish I hadn’t had to. It is a beautiful bag. What college did you go to in TN?

  2. drinkinanddronin says:

    That’s a shame you couldn’t grab it, it looks great and I plan on picking it up soon…I could use a good sturdy bag. I went to Middle Tennessee State Univ. from 04-08. I assume you’re from Memphis?

  3. porter says:

    LOVE those Bray brothers!!

  4. Memphis88 says:

    Yeah, born and raised and I go to the U of M. MTSU is growing like crazy. Murfreesboro and New York City two are very different places. What was it like moving there after spending four years in middle Tennessee?

  5. drinkinanddronin says:

    I started my freshman year and Murfreesboro was, as always, an exit town. I took a year off and lived in South Florida, came back and the place was barely recognizable. Completely different as a whole. However, I’ve traveled a lot and had been to NY so it wasn’t too different, especially from living in Miami.

    I like Memphis a lot, I need to go back and visit some people. It’s funny, because I was trying to describe to Michael Williams how different Nashville is from Memphis for people who are from each city. It’s hard to put into words, but for instance….there is a much bigger difference than say Nashville and Knoxville.

  6. Memphis88 says:

    Yeah they just have different feels to them and it is hard to put into words. My girlfriend went to Lipscomb her freshman year so I was up there a lot and it is pretty strange how two places in the same state and only a few hours away can be so different. I love it here. It’s sad though, because a lot of people (even many Memphians) only look at the negative aspects of the city and ignore all the great things about it. I’m glad you can appreciate all the good stuff.

  7. drinkinanddronin says:

    Whoa, weird…I went to Lipscomb for High School. I like Memphis, and I can see how most take the negative aspects over the better parts which is unfortunate because it’s a great city especially when you know the good spots.

  8. J. says:

    love biilykirk!

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