Evisu No. 13 LEFT Week 1

A few months ago I featured a factory piece on the construction of Evisu’s new heritage line. I was one of a couple chosen to test the denim out. I finally received them, and have been wearing them for the most part of the last week. They are certainly the straight leg model, but have a bit more seat room than the Levi’s 501 models. I’d say they fit a bit closer to the Lee breed which is evident in their model message below.

I personally love the fit, sometimes the small seat of 501’s and New Standards can be a bit uncomfortable, especially in hot weather. Below is the paragraph included on the stitched tag on the back pocket, pretty interesting. The next update where you will be able to see a bit more character will probably be in a month from now.

Evisu No. 13 LEFT is the true Left Hand Twill new vintage Selvage denim woven on shuttle looms in Osaka Japan by Kaihara Corp. Ltd. Left hand twill denim is called this for the opposite weave (top left, bottom right) direction of the diagonal lines on the denim instead of the normal Right Hand Style.

Right Hand twill is the early Levi’s denim, but our other favorite, Lee, liked to used Left Hand Twill for its soft feel and comfortable wearing. Vintage Lee jeans were cut from slightly wider denim than Levi’s, so the leg often shows only one selvage line, and one side of overlocking. Also look out for the calabrated LAZY S pocket writing, which looks a bit like the horns of a bull, not a Levi’s eagle or a friendly Evisu seagull. 

No. 13 LEFT is a 14oz regular and the Sanforized shrink about 3% or 5% after washing.

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  2. beautiful advice and sharing,I will buy one this great jeans for me .thanks

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