The Patterson House


I will be making a trip back down south for some much needed time off to spend with family and friends. While talking to a friend about what I’ll be doing besides a lot of eating and drinking; she mentioned a new establishment that seems like it should be in the Lower East side. The Patterson House, which opened in April, is a new kind of Nashville bar, much more in the vein of 20’s speakeasy establishments that cocktalians across the world would gush over. Reading reviews, interviews, and background write ups on the place has me looking forward to it. Serving classic cocktails on top of Japanese spherical ice by bartenders in vests sounds up my alley in any city, much more since it’s my hometown.


It’s no wonder that the excellent menu, decor, and feeling comes from Alchemy Consulting, who brought us The Rusty Knot, Freeman’s, Milk & Honey, and many more that New Yorkers fiend over. One aspect of the menu that you won’t see too often in the north is the Deviled Eggs featured, let’s hope they’re as good or possibly better than my grandmother’s. Some of the better aspects I’m liking already are a few of many policies: No Seat, No DrinkNo Jager BombsNo Name Dropping…and my favorite…Men Must Refrain From Introducing Themselves To Women Unless Invited Or Introduced By A Friendly Party. If everything above didn’t entice you more to take a visit, the name Patterson comes from the Tennessee state governor who repealed prohibition in honor of our favorite past time.

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2 Responses to The Patterson House

  1. brandon says:

    i love the last rule you quoted. the whole thing reminds me of apothecary here in philadelphia- the etiquette section at the bottom of the menu should be more prevalent, particularly this one: “Sleaze will not be tolerated. If you witness any sleaze manifesting itself in this house, kindly bring it to our attention.”

  2. drinkinanddronin says:

    It makes it much better that it’s framed on the wall. While many would know better, you might as well put it on the wall to get rid of any wonder. That one above is great as well.

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