The Lost Art of the Handkerchief


In the summer heat, what’s more useful than a good handkerchief or bandana? I know too often during a day for myself I’m left looking for a relief. The heat will rise, something will spill, your lenses need cleansing, or who knows…a beautiful woman may need something to dry her tears?

All in all, a gorgeous stitched handkerchief or just an old, faded bandana can be the cure to most of those occurances. As of late, I’ve been trying to remember to carry one with me and it normally serves a daily function. Thanks to Secret Forts, above is a great picture from The Hill-Side who specialize in handkerchiefs and ties. All those chambray lovers, don’t miss out on their offerings!

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6 Responses to The Lost Art of the Handkerchief

  1. james fox says:

    completely agree. carry a bandana at all times in an inside pocket. for the last maybe 8-10 years… feel naked leaving the house without one. serves as coaster, pan holder, napkin… oh yeah and handkerchief… love that hill-side stuff too. like that whole spread they have going w the shirts and aprons and ties, and yes, real looking men and women. great post.

  2. Optikon says:

    A sure way to scratch the lenses of your glasses; ask your optician.

    • drinkinanddronin says:

      That’s too bad, I never knew that. Some worthy knowledge for those with glasses and a handkerchief wiping habit.

  3. tylerbenz says:

    Absolutely. Keep a traditional white bandana in my back pocket at all times.

  4. swen says:

    they got some cool fake banknote handkerchiefs in Japan

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