Evolution of Man

County Lads

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4 Responses to Evolution of Man

  1. generaluse says:

    i would like this as a poster

  2. ben says:

    i always thought it was…

    germ –> fish –> mermaid –> man

  3. telson7 says:

    Firstly, the data that has been found and used to try to prove the evolution of man is negligible. Even though one could assume that there would be convincing evidence from a time span of hundreds of thousands of years, no such evidence has been found. This issue could be illustrated by the fact that has often been stated: all of the fossil materials found would fit on a billiard table or a writing table. This shows how little evidence there is. The quotes below also show the lack of evidence. In the first quote, Lyall Watson, a well-known researcher of the theory of evolution, notes how the evidence is very defective and that it would fit into one coffin and there would still be space left over:

    The number of fossils in the pedigree of man is even smaller than the number of fossil researchers. The surprising truth is that all the evidence of the evolution of man could be fitted into one coffin and there would still be space left over. (1)

    The researchers of primates can, therefore, be forgiven their groping over the gap of millions of years, from which time we do not have a perfect skeleton of an ape, let alone of the predecessor of man. (…) We have to read the evolution story of primates only from a few handfuls of broken bones and teeth. Besides, those fossils have been found thousands of kilometers from each other on locations on the Continent of the Old World. (Scientific American, June 1956, p. 98)


  4. drinkinanddronin says:

    I think you took it a bit to literally. It was a tongue in cheek subject to the picture considering they’re morphing into a beer. I didn’t mean it to be a debate…

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