Rig Out by Oi Polloi

Rig Out is a new zine from the stylish and wildly influential mancunians, Oi Polloi. Covering brands and how-to’s from across the world in a way that not many brands feature their own garments, they’ve taken the zine idea and made it gold. Below is a bit more on the zine and the aesthetic behind it. My particular favorite is the lighthearted, funny directions on waxing your jacket.

‘RIG OUT’ a naval term, is the working title and is basically a small, well written and educated insight on a fanzine format that allows the reader an insight into what Oi Polloi as a collective stand for with regards to their interests, sensibilities and buying policy. It shows their affection for traditional heritage esque garb, with a strong leaning towards the British brands that they love, and the foreign brands that they work tirelessly to source, as well as to deliver to the community of global folks that buy it and love the ethos of Oi Polloi.

 Brands like Barbour, Nigel Cabourn, Saint James, Fjall Raven, Baracuta and APC feature in the inaugural issue.

 The editorial is geared towards bikes, boats, and the outdoor gentlemen’s pursuits and the like …

 “The clothes you see in here are the clothes we wear, thats all we’ll feature … nothing more nothing less” – Steve Sanderson

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