Patterson House Redux

I posted a week ago about The Patterson House, a new venture for Nashville and all of the South too while we’re at it. I finally got a chance to sit down with some people to enjoy a few fine cocktails. I have to say…from the time I left the airport to the time I actually arrived at The Patterson House, it was all I heard about.

It was a breath of fresh air stepping into Patterson’s for the first time. The first room is a library of sorts, housing the smell as well as the ancient books, where their great host showed us to a table. The fresh fruit, dark oak bar, and bowties made a fantastic first impression. My favorite part about the fruit adorning the bar had to be the brown eggs accompanying them, which are used for a handful of drinks. For the most part, the patrons were dressed to impress or preserving the sexy as the rules fondly state.

The menu is split by spirits from simple to more complex as you go down the list. I began with the Bacon Old Fashioned that housed a bit of a smoky element that I had never really experienced until the liquid hit and then it was that famliar sweet taste. Before moving onto more, I have to give a major nod to the spherical ice that was flawless. The ice was solid as a rock, and barely melted at all for at least a half hour. My second drink, Reelfoot Manhattan, began with our wonderful waitress taking an orange peel and running a flame across it to give it a burnt aroma and taste. Before adding the peel to the drink, she set the top of the cocktail ablaze in a dazzling show.

On top of a couple of drinks at Billy Reid and F. Scott’s, Patterson House was a beautiful drunken end to the night. Overall the entire experience from the design, drinks, and staff were outstanding. Hopefully this era will continue to produce the better bar for a town that more than deserves it. If ever in Nashville and in search of something a bit more low key than seeing white hats and beer bongs; run by Division St. and take a load off.

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One Response to Patterson House Redux

  1. M.Lane says:

    This is MY KIND OF PLACE. I haven’t been to Nashville in a couple of years but I will find an excuse to go now…

    Thanks for the tip!


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