Summer Suit Done Right

Grabbed this from Mort, and fell in love with the picture from the get-go. Most summer suits I see around lack the color that really makes them what they are and should be. Whether it be the tie, socks, or pocket square…have some fun with it, it is summer after all!

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4 Responses to Summer Suit Done Right

  1. Great look. That hat is great, too. I don’t see as many tan suits anymore as I used to. Those and olive green should be the staple suits for the summer.

  2. drinkinanddronin says:

    I wish I saw more hats, and I’ve been seeing quite a bit more than I have in the past which is very cool to see. Olive green is a color not taken advantage of enough!

  3. plaidout says:

    Agreed. The non-existent dog makes the photo. But, BMC, you know how I feel about patch pockets on a jacket. I know, I know: Tradition.

  4. drinkinanddronin says:

    What’s funny is that every time I look at patch pocket jackets, I think about how much you hate them.

    Max, am I going to see hats like that at the Mercantile because I doubt I will see patch pockets!

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