Getting Back To Basics

Here is an interview with Marco Cairns of Duffer of St. George, one of the first real ‘Streetwear’ companies in England. They started in the mid-80’s as a vintage shop, selling vintage Military and Ivy League inspired garments. As the 80’s closed, they began to manufacture small lines of their own. Moving into the 90’s from Acid Jazz into the full on Acid House scene, trainers, music, and clubbing made up nearly all of the culture, especially in fashion. Today between England and Japan, there are over 20 stores operating with full seasonal lines.

I personally love the interview, the 80’s and 90’s were exciting times culturally from music to design in the UK. Far more than the embarrasing things we were turning out over here in states.

Interview with Marco Cairns by Glenn Kitson

Duffer of St. George

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2 Responses to Getting Back To Basics

  1. I was down in London to see Nick Clements’ Re-enactment show (, and a shop caught my eye while I was at some traffic lights in Shoreditch (though I didn’t know I was in Shoreditch). I did a U-turn, parked on the pavement and strolled in. I liked the place and recognised one of the salesmen from Duffer in Covent Garden. I tried to get the shop to stock my magazine, Sideburn. He said, ‘Talk to the boss, there he is,’ and it turned out to be Eddie Prendergast formerly of Duffer. The new shop looks good.
    I wish them luck.

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