Smith + Butler

I’m a bit perplexed as to why I still have not done a feature on Smith+Butler in the last year? Anyhow, S+B has been knocking ’em out left and right from the installation at Moscot to a full range of great lines in their store. Barbour, Filson, Pendleton, Patagonia, Red Wing, Wrangler, and countless others line the shelves. Unis and Fleabags, two brands which I recently got to meet, have joined the family at the store as well.


A major plus for me and others is the bike culture that S+B is a part of. It’s refreshing to see them not only delve fully into it, but to actually be a part of bike shows as you can see above. Speaking of, they have a gorgeous blue ’75 Honda 750 in perfect condition inside.

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One Response to Smith + Butler

  1. marylynn says:

    Hey…thanks for the SHOUT out.

    You guys be doing us well. Make sure to introduce yourselves, we like to meet you creative types.

    Best xxx SB

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