Warren Bobrow & Wild River Review


Warren Bobrow is one of those people you never forget. I first met him in the summer when he and three beautiful bottles of decades-old bourbon walked through the door. We sat over tumblers of fine whiskey whilst laughs and stories ensued.

Warren is a man that holds a vast knowledge spanning cuisine, culture, and history. Aside from his stellar writing, he teaches classes at Princeton University on Wine Appreciation. While wine appreciation is the class he teaches, he’s also a fond believer in Kentucky Straight Bourbon which anyone can tell is one of my true loves. Below is one of his newer articles, and a fine one at that. Stay tuned in October for a great article on the said sit-down discussed above!


When A Restaurant Does It Right

A Toute Heure is located not in Martha’s Vineyard, or Boston or even New York City… But, if you ever find yourself just off the Garden State Parkway and locavore is how you eat, then you must find your way to one of the best restaurants in New Jersey, if not in the entire Tri-State area. (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.)

Walking up the path to A Toute Heure, is like stepping into a farmhouse located somewhere in the Hudson River Valley of New York, without the farm tractors parked outside.

Local to the restaurant is a postage stamp farm called Cherry Lane-mere blocks away-nurturing perfect little heirloom tomatoes that glow on the plate with an inner energy. The mention of the Cherry Lane farm had originally piqued my interest. Where was the Cherry Lane Farm? Did I know that it was “just around the corner?” You cannot get any fresher than this!….

To see more:

Wild River Review

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2 Responses to Warren Bobrow & Wild River Review

  1. wb says:

    I’m humbled. cheers Brandon… oh, btw, there is a surprise in the Wild Table article.. I think you’ll appreciate it.


  2. dragonlife says:

    Dear Brandon!
    Greetings from Shizuoka, Japan!
    I’m really glad you wrote this compliment for Warren!
    He so much deserves it!
    Best regards,


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