Summer Is Over


I think we can finally say that Summer is dead and gone. Maybe some of you are rejoicing like I am, but maybe you missed out on a Summer that never seemed like it came around, especially New Yorkers.

Anyhow, shove the Madras back in the closet and reach for the Tweed. Speaking of both, the beautiful Madras shirt is from Heavy Tweed Jacket.

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4 Responses to Summer Is Over

  1. Nick says:

    It was 87 today. I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!!!!!

  2. Yes bring on the flannel, wearing ties and not feeling like you live in Dante’s Inferno, and Corduroy.

  3. newgrass says:

    Summer is still alive and kickin’ in southern Cali. Sucks. It’s mid-September. I need my fall.

  4. drinkinanddronin says:

    Cords til death. Sorry to my Californian brethren. Fall will grace you soon.

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