The Blind Five


When I first moved to New York 8 months ago, one of the first guys I met and became good friends with was Max Wastler of All Plaid Out. Having similar interests in nearly everything including being menswear nerds to the point of creating a blog of all things, it wasn’t hard to see the resemblence. As I started making the rounds in the city, and meeting the who’s who…another guy I had the pleasure of meeting was James Wilson of Secret Forts. Max had a great idea of James and I interviewing each other with 5 different questions on the spot. James coined the everlasting name – “The Blind Five”. It turned out far better than I could of ever thought so major props to Max for putting it together.

I’ve had some incredible times with the both of them, and couldn’t of asked for a better introduction to New York. If you see either of them around, buy ’em a drink for me.

Head over to All Plaid Out to check it out.

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2 Responses to The Blind Five

  1. Michael E. says:

    What shoes are those?

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