Autumn – 1950


The Trad


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4 Responses to Autumn – 1950

  1. M.Lane says:

    Oh SO true!


  2. Blank Label says:

    wasnt there, but this does seem like a classic 50’s look!
    simple colors, but great patterns!

  3. this is so Camden, SC. I remember going to the Carolina Cup, completely twisted on Booker Noe Bourbon… don’t quite remember how I got there, but I came upon a rise where a fraternity or a private social club was having a soiree. They were being served Mint Julep cocktails by waiters wearing white gloves on silver trays. The world started swirling really hard and I saw the grass close up for more than a few moments… then all was well again after my short nap and found that the women at this party had propped my head up and were giving me sweet tea.. I had become dehydrated with all the uncut Bourbon I had been drinking and became a bit unhinged at the sight of those men in white gloves serving Juleps in frosted silver cups on a hot day… whew.

  4. listening to Georgia being sung by Ray Charles… that is what did it. I hit the ground and didn’t wake up for 25 years.

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