Dockers Spring 2010

Last week I had the great pleasure of being invited by Mordechai Rubinstein, the new PR man for Dockers, to take a look at what they have in store for us all in the coming year. Most in the menswear realm are familiar with Mordechai from his PR work, spreads in magazines, or his blog that’s one of my favorite around by far.

They unfortunately dismantled a lot of the show room before I got to check it out, but the garments are the real reason we’re here right? Dockers has revisited their cuts, fabrics, and overall outlook to that of a tried and true trouser company again. Taking techniques and garment know-how from the earlier half the 20th Century, they’ve made it possible for a man to wear khaki trousers and shirts without feeling like he should have a Sigma Abracadabra polo and lanyard sunglasses to accompany it.

Spring 2010 will have styles and colors ranging from deep red, powder blue, and the classic twill tan khaki chino’s we grew up in. My particular favorite of the visit, was the ability to see and feel the craftsmanship and history behind their military based K1 trouser. The hardware on the button fly and the curtain waist band make anyone look like they stepped off the landing boats in a comfortable style. As well as the classic plain front khaki, the drab olive green cargo pant version of the K1 will most definitely make having more than 4 pockets okay again.

Keeping to the WWII influence, the twill reproduction of the khaki shirt is something you can’t ignore. Levi’s is the company that manufactured all those classic khaki shirts you see in the infamous photo’s of the South Pacific campaigns. The shirt is a bit lighter twill than that of the trousers to accomodate the warmer tempertures of that region, and is finished with an oxidized staining process of a shirt that is legitimately from over 60 years ago.

Aside from the obvious khaki indulgence, expect to see quite a bit in the vein of beautiful lightweight chambray shirts. From the trousers to the shirts, 2010 looks like a year for khaki’s to make it’s major comeback. It’s about time I say.

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9 Responses to Dockers Spring 2010

  1. Jedd Rose says:

    Looks top notch, thanks for the scoop!

  2. michaeloneillburns says:

    thanks for the report, looks surprisingly good. may link to this if you don’t mind.

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  4. mace says:

    Wait, so the K1 is coming back?

  5. M.Lane says:

    Polo has been making a marvelous K1 [M1] version for a few years but they are hard to find. I am going to look for these Dockers K1s and the shirt when they come out. In my town that will probably be five or six years. Great post!


  6. Blank Label says:

    what an awesome store!
    i love anything with a military influence

  7. Matt says:

    Any idea where they will be selling the new Dockers line? Pricing?



  8. Marcellus says:

    As always Brandon, great post.

    I’m incredibly enthused by this latest Dockers aesthetic, though for purely commercial purposes I thought the San Fransisco-based work, dress, weekend, golf campaign was fairly well-done. Obviously, this isn’t just a new campaign for Dockers, but an actual change in direction.

    For those of us who care enough to read of these things in the blog world, this is great news…my only fear is, because Dockers has been traditionally a chain and department store chain (and from what I’ve read, still will be), they won’t be able to find the type of consumer who would be attracted to the new style.

    I do hope Dockers finds success with this launch because it would be great to have a brand become the go-to place for all assortment of khakis (much the way sibling brand Levi’s is for denim), and I think just the recommitment to making the brand a khakis-first line is a good step.

    Matt, to answer your question (this info comes from WWD): $30 model for chain stores and a $50 model for department stores. The K1 collection’s khakis sell for $140. Above K1 is Made in San Francisco, “the brand’s domestically produced capsule collection conceived as faithful reproductions of World War II garments. The collection’s two pants, officer’s shirt and a graphic T-shirt retail between $225 and $325.”

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