Forever Frayed

I’m one who takes the full use of material items in my life. Garments are no different than a car, tool, or pair of boots. Using them to their full potential even when the road seems to end is what makes it all so great. Maybe it’s because I’m always broke, but I don’t think it’s a thing I’d ever lose even with a bit more change.

That said…I’ve got a bone to pick with the real world acting as if frayed cuffs and collars are the end of the road! The great photo above is from Mister Mort. A frayed collar paired with a pristine bowtie, magnificent! I personally believe it shows a lot of character when a couple of runs are noticable through the fabric. Maybe I’m realizing I am a hoarder of sorts, but either way carry on all you frayed ends!

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5 Responses to Forever Frayed

  1. newgrass says:

    I must be on the very far end of the spectrum of fraydom because I wouldn’t have ever even noticed that.

  2. drinkinanddronin says:

    That’s certainly a meager example of a frayed collar, I have a few that are probably too far gone, but alas…still great.

  3. JP says:

    Who the hell tied that bow tie? Ed McMahon? Jimminy Cricket.

  4. my favorite bow ties are the ones that are showing strings. Because I tie them without a mirror, they are imperfect. That is how a bow tie should appear.

    please enjoy an equally pleasurable preparation. fresh pasta!

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