Ohio’s Pride



Pictures like this make me really miss the Midwest and South. The cold, wet weather has got a lot of people reeling indoors. The outdoors are great, but so is making your cold heart a bit warmer with Ole Glory, Hank Williams, High Life, Westerns, smokes, and friends.

The Razor And Shears

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3 Responses to Ohio’s Pride

  1. Very nice blog! Keep up the good blog!

    I hope you can come visit my blog sometime.


  2. I’m wearing that same shirt today. It must be my Saturday shirt or something. Two details of that picture that make me laugh. 1. All of the smoke in the room makes the photo looks super old 2. My mustache in all of its one week glory. I love it. 138 LIFER

  3. Christopher says:

    Very true. In Chicago for three years domestic life took on an increased measure of importance. Girlfriend and I did lots of movie watching, and house projects. Gotta miss those seasons.

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