Tom Waits – Glitter & Doom

Tom Waits has been keeping us entertained with his tales of society’s scourges and box car riders for the past four decades. Having released a wildly fun live abum called Big Time in the past, this album, Glitter & Doom, brought the same kind of excitement. Having no idea where he’d go next with classic and new songs the same, all the while offering his two cents among each track. The album is a true treat for all of us who were outbid on Ticketmaster in 2008, and a reminder of the once in a lifetime opportunity for those who were so lucky. Thanks to Ethan, Pitchfork has the album streaming on their review page. 

Down In The Hole from the Atlanta date (It’s not on the album, but it’s one of my favorite songs and incredible live) –

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One Response to Tom Waits – Glitter & Doom

  1. Got this last night. I am not letdown.

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