YMC’s Take On The USN N-1

YMC has been covered a lot here, and this is a subject that is a fine line between right and wrong. Normally the classic N-1 issued USN deck jacket rests on a 100% cotton, either waxed or not. YMC took that and did a leather version which I actually think works pretty well.

The same way the N-1 is cotton, the A-1 or G-1 flight jacket is mostly leather. It’s nice to mix the different fabrics up with the different issued garments. The real shearling and throat latch are must-haves as well. Overall, I think they hit it spot on.

Oi Polloi

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2 Responses to YMC’s Take On The USN N-1

  1. I think that N-1 is very poor if we compare to A-1 quality.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To be honest I full concord with Your thought.

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