The Last One – 180 Proof

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7 Responses to The Last One – 180 Proof

  1. Makes me want to go and make moonshine. Between the wooden kegs, the copper pipes, the flannels, the beards and the overalls, I’m not quite sure what I like more.

  2. wjletch says:

    I tell you, this old feller makes it look easier than it is. He looks like he has done his share of stillin’ though. Isn’t he the one that got busted recently and went to prison?

  3. Bob says:

    Agreed, he makes it look so simple. Had a chance to sample some white lightnin’ last time I was down south, the jar I drank from was sweeter than I expected.

    • drinkinanddronin says:

      The sweeter, fruit based kinds will put you on the floor. They taste delicious, but the straight will carry you a bit better through the day and won’t hurt as much!

  4. Mr Ryan says:

    “put up top in them damn trees”

  5. i saw this on the history channel. VERY entertaining!

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