Bayou Bound

I’ve never been to New Orleans. It seems like an abomination by my standards of living. However, I’m finally making my way to the delta in May for my birthday. New Orleans holds all the history, 72 oz beers, grime, music, liquor, cuisine, and voodoo magic I’ve been dreaming about in one place. I’m in the process of amassing a hell of a list of must-do things while I’m there so please, please give a fellow a nod to the right back-room or alley.

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13 Responses to Bayou Bound

  1. Michael says:

    man oh man, you are in for a treat! all kinds of fun for you to have. plenty of great places in the quarter to eat and drink. even the most touristy places are fun and pretty interesting. i lived there for three years, but have not been there since before katrina, so am a little rusty. i lived in the garden district for a year, but then decided to really do it up right and lived on royal street in the quarter for the next two years. music, food, drink and beauty – you will find it all in old new orleans.

  2. HGB says:

    You should have lunch at Mr. B’s Bistro. Yes it’s in the Quarter and anyone can tell where it is….

  3. M.Lane says:

    From what I’ve read here, you may not move back North. A short list…

    The Bombay Club bar inside the parking garage of the Prince Conti Hotel [on Conti Street]

    Louisiana Bistro, corner of Conti and Dauphine.

    The Gumbo Shop in the quarter

    The Sazerac Bar in the Roosevelt Hotel


    Broussards Restaurant right across the street for lunch or dinner. If the weather is clement, sit in the outdoor courtyard.

    Deanies Seafood on Iberville.

    The French 75 bar behind Arnaud’s restaurant in the quarter.

    Antoine’s in the quarter for dinner or lunch

    Oliviers restaurant in the quarter for creole food

    Muriels restaurant in Jackson Square

    Snug Harbor for jazz

    You really cant go wrong anywhere. Enjoy!!


  4. Brad says:

    Plum Street Snowball. mmmmmmmmmm

  5. Alex says:

    Just got back from a weekend in NOLA. My buddy lives off Magazine, so we visited (and I’d highly recommend)

    Mahony’s or Parasol’s for Po-Boys (I’d give Mahony’s the nod over Parasol’s, but Parasol’s is famous for their “must-have” Roast Beef po-boys)

    Slim Goodies for breakfast (eclectic/indie, very Guy Fieri’s DDD)

    Ms. Mae’s for drank ($1 wells, air hockey, foosball, locals)

    Bourbon Street is fun, but i think everyone would say not to spend your whole weekend there.

  6. Clinton says:

    Here are a few of my favorites. Most are in the Quarter.
    -The Napoleon House: It has a great story and you should try the Pimm’s Cup out on the patio.
    -Cafe Amelia: A cool patio, a great bloody mary, and simple but amazing food.
    -Antoines: Traditional food, but you have to wear a jacket. The waiters are great. Most have been working there for 20 years or so.
    – Frenchman Street: This is where the locals hang. Great music, not so “tin can tourist.” You can walk from the Quarter, but get a cab home.
    -Stella: upscale dinner, but you don’t need to wear a jacket.
    -Meyer the Hatter: an pretty cool traditional hat store.
    -Brennan’s: for brunch if they are open.
    I could go on and on. I love the Quarters, and I rarely spend time on Bourbon St. Have a great time and don’t be afraid to do some touristy stuff. The guides are usually pretty entertaining.

  7. brock says:

    Head uptown! You should make a stop at Bourbon just ’cause, but the best stuff is tucked away. There’s the obligatory beignets and coffee breakfast at Cafe’ du Monde. Grab a burrito at Juan’s Flying Burrito. Usually can catch some good tunes at the Maple Leaf and I hear one eyed jacks is nice. Enjoy

  8. Paul says:

    Whatever you do, make sure you order yourself about 4 pounds of crawfish, and enjoy them on a porch with some cold Abita…

  9. My advice would be to mostly avoid the quarter. As a sort of long-time reader of this blog, I think you seem like the kind of guy who’s looking for something a little more interesting than Bourbon St. shenanigans. If so, a few places off the beaten path:

    Backstreet Cultural Center (on of the most amazing “museums” I’ve ever been to.)
    Candle Light Lounge (go on a night when Rebirth or Tremé Brass Band play for free, Tuesdays and Thursday I think).
    Vaughn’s (Kermit Ruffins play for free every Thursday I think).
    The Saint is cool little punk bar off Magazine.
    Willie Mae’s Scotch House for some next-level fried chicken.
    Po’boys: Parkway (roast beef), Verdi Marte (shrimp), Stanley (soft shell crab) and get an oyster one somewhere.
    Eat oysters in the paddock at the horse track.

    Have fun!

  10. Benjamin says:

    In the quarter be sure to go the the ramshackle Verti Mart for a shrimp po-boy. Their “wow-sauce” is not to be outdone.

    Vaughns indeed on Thursdays. Saturn Bar (shit-hole, but fun depending. check the interweb, they have some monthly dance party with a stupid name that is actually fun) and Mimi’s on Saturday nights. The latter especially, soul music dance party in one of the more lovely spaces of the Marigny.

    Have a few early evening cocktails on the porch of the Columns hotel on St. Charles.

    If you feel like going to a clothing option heated pool in the backyard of an old Creole mansion and drinking g&t’s all afternoon I implore you to head to the “Country Club” in the Bywater.

    Take cabs.

    Oh, after Columns, hop on the streetcar and head further uptown to Carrolton and treat yourself to a nice dinner at Jacques Imo’s huh?

    Give my regard to Hazlehurst, Clarksdale, and everything between.

  11. Benjamin says:

    P.S. If you really want to understand what the hell all the downtown (read up on the uptown/downtown thing) are all about. I’d look into these guys:

    How could I have forgotten? Meyers Hats in the CBD, right off the Quarter.

    Go to Perlis on Magazine. Their website stinks but the store is pretty good. Especially if you’re after seersucker.

  12. I was gonna say! I can’t believe I forgot to mention Quintron and the Spellcaster.

  13. Benjamin says:

    Yeah J. Everett, being back in NY I’ve gotta say that I miss me some Spellcaster shows. Touche’ on your recommendations BTW.

    M. Lane – “From what I’ve read here, you may not move back North” I think the saying goes, “The third time you visit you end up staying.” That was the trick on me, ended up being nearly two years.

    To the blog man, based on the above you’ll have a blast. For some breathtaking scenery and if you’re into fishing, drive down to Plaquemines Parish, the very end of the line, Venice (or whats left of it post-K) and charter a boat. End of the Mississippi, start of the gulf. It is ethereal. Well, sans some of the oil related installations, but they’re easy to avoid. Not too pricey for a charter either…

    Have a blast.

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