Spring Chambray’s

This bad boy just arrived the other day at Billy Reid. What I love about chambray’s are the details that can be actually used in day to day life. Some are practical and some certainly aren’t unless you really are working on the rail or roof. Regardless, they’re damn fine shirts.

This model in particular has the following features:

  • Throat Latch
  • Short Work Placket With Hidden Button
  • 3 Needle Stitching
  • Pen Pocket
  • Sweat Patch
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4 Responses to Spring Chambray’s

  1. brandonkhanna says:

    What Billy Reid location? Their website does not have it up and I am in need of that shirt.

  2. drinkinanddronin says:


    Unfortunately, the website is not up to speed just yet. Every stand alone store should have it in stock, and if they don’t they can certainly order it in.

    Or, give me a call at the New York shop. I can ship it directly.


  3. mat ahoy says:

    love shirts like this, not trend, no thrills just timeless

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