Liberty Cuffs

Matt runs a really great blog called Rivet Head. When he commented on the pomp from the last post, I had a field day on his site. One recent post that really caught my eye had to be the Liberty Cuffs. As engulfed in history as I am, I’ve never seen nor heard of this practice. The gaggle of cuffs below are incredible. I’d love to find a piece with some work done on the inside.

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7 Responses to Liberty Cuffs

  1. huh…i didnt know that is what they are. you can catch a glimpse of steve mcqueen’s uniform in sand pebbles with them here:

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks for the kine words! Been following your blog for while too!

  3. Matt says:

    BTW, just added you to the “Stuff That’s Cool”!

  4. Malibu says:

    I’m an Officer in the Navy and sadly could never wear a set on my uniform. I have always loved seeing the Enlisted guys (usually the older, saltier ones) out in port with them flipped up, they do still exist although not like they used to (today the Navy is, sadly, incredibly PC) You can probably find them in a few shops in San Diego, Pensacola and Norfolk Virginia, look for embroidery shops, there are usually a ton in those towns. If you are ever in the great ports such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Suda Bay Crete and even Dubai (Port Jebel Ali) you can find people who can put those designs on anything for a few bucks. They are terribly cool and also make great tatts.

  5. There’s a great article on Liberty Cuffs here:

    I recently did a homage to the practice here:

    Malibu, I’m glad to hear the practice is still alive!

  6. Doc Wilson says:

    Aggggh!! Why have all the great traditions left my Navy? I’m bringing these back. The whole shop will have them before we go back to Blues for the winter. Any suggestions for OIF/OEF veteran FMF Corpsman?

  7. ERNEST WILSON says:

    Have my deckape liberty cuffs somewhere, it’s just a matter of finding them. Never sewed them in , I stuck them back for posterity reasons. Got them in Norfolk VA. When I was stationed on the USS South Carolina CGN-37.nuc.

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