The All-American Man

Last Fall, Bon International Magazine approached me to help with their article on The All-American Man. I was able to put in a few cents of my own for the piece during The Pop Up Flea II, and it actually ended up being quite larger than I expected and a great article in the end.

By-and-large, the whole piece hits pretty close to what’s been going on the past couple of years with the Heritage surge in NYC. It covers brands, designers, bloggers, and everyone in-between such as Freeman’s, Billy Kirk, Hickoree’s Hardgoods, Randy Goldberg/Michael Williams, and more. I feel there are probably better people to express their views than I, but nonetheless I feel pretty blessed to be included in an International Publication. I tried to score an online version but to no avail, so I scanned my hard copy (Apologizies if it’s inconsistent. I can translate any blurred or cut off parts if need be).

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2 Responses to The All-American Man

  1. And this is where the “Heritage surge” diverges dramatically from Trad and Prep. This is all about romanticising the American working class men who performed “hard physical labor,” and, incidentally, probably staffed the CPUSA and other similar organizations and supported the causes near and dear to the hearts of today’s urban hipster. In fact I would not be surprised if not just a few of the urban hipsters promoting “Heritage surge” today have relatives who were active in CPUSA-groups, particularly in Manhattan and at City College.

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