Portland General Store

I first encountered Portland General Store products last Fall and fell in love. Finally a company that concentrates on purely natural, masculine scents from nature all around us. Who wants a fake, chemical “smell”? The toiletries have a wide array from shave soap, oils, conditioners, cremes, and colognes. There’s a full range of scents from tobacco all the way to wood. I suggest grabbing a bit of every scent, because when one or two are used in unison it makes for a great scent overall.

PGS was kind enough to send a little sampler in the mail recently, and not only the products are top notch. The packaging was unbelievable. Cigar box, 40. Winchester shell, and a whole slew of scents to be exact. Check them out and grab a few things. I don’t guarantee much, but this is something I firmly stand behind.

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One Response to Portland General Store

  1. Chris M says:

    I ordered the sampler pack of scents last week. I can’t wait till they arrive.

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